DROG: twilight exit

goddamn, wednesday. what are we gonna do with you?

parking validation, hood style. it has to be at least 40 oz of beer.

you don't quite know how to party like thirsty thursday and you sure as hell aren't anywhere near as cool as friday, but you definitely aren't as big of a downer as monday and you aren't a boring nobody like tuesday.

classy bar is classy

i bet girls would like you better if we gave you a little bit of an edge. you know? your self esteem would probably shoot through the roof if you had a weekly regimen.

there are only a few rules. i can get behind a rule that requires me to have at least one drink.

just hear me out. how about this: a strict routine. once a week, you and i spend a little time at a new, shitty bar--someplace we've never been before. think about it! it could be fun, yeah?


you could call it drog night. DROG, dude. drunkblog. you could be a pioneer. picture it. you could drunkenly stumble the path less traveled by and regale the masses with tales of what's up on the bleeding edge of the seattle dive-bar scene.

all you really need to see anyway is the screen. and maybe where you put your beer.

i mean, you don't have to. if you feel like you might be stepping on thursday's toes because of his whole "flog night" deal then that's cool, too. maybe we could just get you on "what not to wear" instead? maybe a cut and color and some makeup will make you feel like you got a little more sass?? you pansy.

bartender saw us shooting pics and asked if we were going to eat a pickled egg. i told her caitlin told me she'd eat one if i could convince the bartender to eat one first. apparently our bartender is a pussy. no eggs were eaten.

what? that was a JOKE. no, you're right. i mean, i get it--thursday did it first. but you don't have to take a back seat to that! you can do your own thing AND have plenty of time to help thursday figure out what's gonna go down for flog. where's your spirit of independence? baby steps, man. am i right??

you can say that again.

no, it's not like that. it's not a big deal. i just see you getting down on yourself and i hate to see you like that, you know? and i get it. of course i do. you feel like no one pays attention to you; typical middle-child syndrome. i can SEE that. look, i'm just trying to help you. you have a lot of potential, you know? we just need to figure out how to tap that potential to make it work for you instead of you just sitting around thinking the whole "hump day" thing is still cool.

i wanted these needlepoint coons. i still do.

you know what? screw it. if you're gonna be a pouty baby then fine. i went to the twilight exit tonight without you anway.

cheap as hell + happy hour til 8 = winner

this place is right up there with moon temple. moon temple serves general tso chicken though which is kinda hard to trump. on the other hand twilight exit has golden tee, tetris, big buck hunter, AND it's not located way the fuck out in wallingford. plus, $3.50 for a shot of beam and a PBR back?? and that's EVERY DAY, til 8pm. i really can't think of a better deal in town off the top of my head. i mean, metropolitain is cheap, but that $1.50 PBR pint thing they do only happens once a week, and even then, i'm pretty sure the twilight has cheaper wells.

i'm not sure why i haven't been to this place until just today.

twilight exit, i salute you.

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