want it from behind while you play super mario brothers?

i mean, the question is legit. i guess.
dude just needs a girl that is looking to get pwned hard.



this is maybe the coolest thing i've seen all day (after the resident evil 5 trailer). i know, i know, video doesn't equal blog content but guess how many fucks i give about that?

this totally reminds me of the flying scenes in iron man. also, the size of the balls required to bomb the alps in this thing should negate the possibility of being able to ride in the prone position at all, so bonus points to mr. blondeau for figuring out a way to make that work.


regarding david lynch; chickens

i have a number of friends who are huge fans of twin peaks/david lynch, so i felt compelled to throw this up here:

From Blue Velvet to Inland Empire: The 10 Best David Lynch Moments

i'm not gonna front like i've seen more than one episode of twin peaks or have an intimate knowledge of most of the moments in the list, so friends? this is 100% for you.

lately i'm housesitting at my brother's neighbors' house. they don't have the internet or tv, so i'm not doing much of either (including blogging), but i am getting lots of GTA4 time in at tom's house (awesome). also, i am becoming fast friends with some chickens, as one of the responsibilities i was tasked with while housesitting is watching willie's hens--feeding them, putting them to bed, supervising their playtime in the yard, etc. fact: chickens adore cheese. no joke. inky (the black hen) stole a huge chunk of cheese right out of my hand. also, i've been eating a ridiculous amount of eggs, as they lay about 4-6 eggs a day.

i was out at atlantic crossing the other day with rich and andy and it turns out that andy had a ticket to radiohead on ebay for 100 bucks. i managed to talk him into selling it to me for 80 bucks and he agreed, so it looks like i'll be heading down to white river amphitheater on wednesday to see one of the greatest bands on the planet. i'd kill a man for a press pass. dammit.



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i'll miss you, dogg.


flogs of the world

today's submission comes to us all the way from australia.

i came across this livejournal entry just now while doin what i do. this is one of the better "FLOG"-style posts i have seen. it's like the perfect mix of a foodie review of pub eats and a poopreport.com story. witness:
The burning mouth, the crying, the ringing ears I can handle. But now with less than a third of the burger to go my stomach seizes up and refuses to let me put anything into it. I take a deep breath and look for my can of "harden the f * ck up" when I notice that my mate Thommo has stopped eating his burger just beyond the halfway point and is wandering aimlessly up and down the street.

He has honestly lost the plot and is walking around in circles.
i love hot, and i love burgers. if i ever go to brisbane i can't say i wouldn't be sorely tempted to attempt to burn a hole through my body with one of these.

The World's hottest burger - and it's in Brisbane


whirlwind tour

fuck it. i know stef and daniel already summed up the most anticipated event of the weekend pretty well (peep daniel's video of the events here if you have the privilege of david's friendship yet were unable to make it to his going away party), but i'm going to go ahead and ignore that.

i present unto thee: a photo essay of the past 3 days. first stop is linda's tavern for jennie's going away party.

linda's tavern prefunk at smith w/nick, jimmy, david

en route.
nick: "it definitely smells like poop." it was

jimmy no-wallet gets carded, can't come in; stef is glad dave and i come anyway

jennie is so excited she basically just screamed the entire time

i got drunk; chilled with hipster, mail carrier,
crazy russian guy(not pictured)--i don't know these guys

turpin & warmouth

cant really say how far into the night it was but at some point paul ordered a "MACncheese" from our waitress. I ordered one too, "and a beam, neat" cause i was thirsty. then i thought aloud

"man it would suck if they served macaroni and cheese here and they brought me some, ha ha"

and everyone was like "wtf?"

turns out that paul actually read the menu and then ordered macaroni noodles in cheese sauce when i thought (due to his inflection) that he was making some sort of joke about Mac and Jacks beer--which i, and everyone else i know, pronounces MACnjacks. i had to go to the waitress and politely explain that i accidentally ordered noodles to chase my bourbon with because i'm a big dummy.

made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go to bellingham with dave, nick, and jimmy. which means i didn't go home first and get my battery charger. which means my camera battery died while looking at pics on the ride up because i spent a good chunk of the evening drunkenly taking pics of people i dont know. which means it stayed dead until the next day when emily drove up to bellingham and brought my charger with her. which MEANS i didnt have a camera with which to take production stills of the jenni potts video shoot on saturday morning. which was too bad.

it also means i didnt have a functional camera with which to shoot pics of the david drori going away round robin whiffleball classic 2008. which is fine because although Party Saturday played our asses off and gave the Cheese Zombies a sound drubbing, we still lost against the Stinktown Warriors in the third round. gay.

whatever whatever, fast forward to david's poarty

man of the hour, david drori

basically it was rad. a hell of a rad party for a hell of a rad dude.

sometime later on karl took his clothes off and forced david to look at his spine.


this weekend was the shit.

i'm way too tired to make a real post right now but lots to come

stay tuned.


FLOG: homeflog/burger luv edition

on monday it was announced by lynsey (another FLOG crew member) that there would be no restaurant excursion this week and that we were going to be cooking at teebah's house. i was tapped to do burgers, which i was pretty stoked about--a of all because i really like grilling, and b of all because it's been a while since my previous burger luv attempt and over a year since the original burger luv. only 3 burgers done in what, 15 months? i was feeling a bit behind the game, so i saw it as an opportunity to get the ball rolling again.

the premise of burger luv is a basic one: regarding ingredients, the burger itself can be complicated or simple. you can make one burger or several, but flame grilling is absolutely required. it cannot be fried, broiled, baked, or rotisseried (in the case of many burgers at once). in other words, it has to be cooked on a grill directly above fire (you can't make burger luv with a george foreman lean mean fat-reducing grilling machine, sorry). then you assemble it, arrange it on a plate, take a picture of it, and then make a blog entry about it. easy peasy.

this particular burger was a ground sirloin patty stuffed with chopped thick-cut applewood bacon and shredded habanero cheddar. i assembled it on a kaiser roll with mayo and dijon mustard, carmelized onions, roasted red pepper, and arugula. i had purchased reggiano to shave onto the burger itself but, like a big dummy, i forgot to add it.

anyways. roll the pics


kevin whipped up some cukes, i highly recommend

the onions. sauteed in a retarded amt of butter (as is proper)


more prep

the spread (or part of it)

om nom nom nom. burger, beer, mac and cheese--you can be jealous now

since this was the first time we homeflogged i can only comment on how the evening went as a whole. if this kind of thing were going to happen again, i would prep as many ingredients as possible at home and assemble prior to eating. as it were, i was prepping for about 2 hours before i even started cooking which is kind of silly. there were also 3 people trying to cook in one kitchen. on the other hand, i dont usually cook burgers for 8 people. i'd also not eat 10 deviled eggs prior to sitting down to a half pound(uncooked weight) of hamburger and various fixins like i did last night. hurt me. homeflog isnt really about "new, amazing food" as much as it is about putting yourself into a food coma while hanging with a solid crew, so in that regard i'd say it was a success.

see you next week, floggers.

burger luv,