it's 516 pm.

i'm still at my work because i am resurrecting this bitch from the dead.

step a: create a blogger account (i did this some days ago and immediately lost interest)
steb b: decide i need a blog to post in. again (sometime earlier today)
step c: create a new blog
step d: create a new username. become irritated that desired URL is taken
step e: realize that i have a blogger blog already and i already own desired URL
fastforward fastforward
step (?): delete newly-created blog; post in this one. done.

daddy's back, betch.

internet stardom here i come. forget all that other shit below. i can feel my blogshares value preparing to shoot through the fucking roof.

no big plans this time though. i'll just be posting crap in here somewhat irregularly, or maybe not at all.

buckle up.

1 comment:

david said...

yes big plans this time. don't even front.