DROG: twilight exit

goddamn, wednesday. what are we gonna do with you?

parking validation, hood style. it has to be at least 40 oz of beer.

you don't quite know how to party like thirsty thursday and you sure as hell aren't anywhere near as cool as friday, but you definitely aren't as big of a downer as monday and you aren't a boring nobody like tuesday.

classy bar is classy

i bet girls would like you better if we gave you a little bit of an edge. you know? your self esteem would probably shoot through the roof if you had a weekly regimen.

there are only a few rules. i can get behind a rule that requires me to have at least one drink.

just hear me out. how about this: a strict routine. once a week, you and i spend a little time at a new, shitty bar--someplace we've never been before. think about it! it could be fun, yeah?


you could call it drog night. DROG, dude. drunkblog. you could be a pioneer. picture it. you could drunkenly stumble the path less traveled by and regale the masses with tales of what's up on the bleeding edge of the seattle dive-bar scene.

all you really need to see anyway is the screen. and maybe where you put your beer.

i mean, you don't have to. if you feel like you might be stepping on thursday's toes because of his whole "flog night" deal then that's cool, too. maybe we could just get you on "what not to wear" instead? maybe a cut and color and some makeup will make you feel like you got a little more sass?? you pansy.

bartender saw us shooting pics and asked if we were going to eat a pickled egg. i told her caitlin told me she'd eat one if i could convince the bartender to eat one first. apparently our bartender is a pussy. no eggs were eaten.

what? that was a JOKE. no, you're right. i mean, i get it--thursday did it first. but you don't have to take a back seat to that! you can do your own thing AND have plenty of time to help thursday figure out what's gonna go down for flog. where's your spirit of independence? baby steps, man. am i right??

you can say that again.

no, it's not like that. it's not a big deal. i just see you getting down on yourself and i hate to see you like that, you know? and i get it. of course i do. you feel like no one pays attention to you; typical middle-child syndrome. i can SEE that. look, i'm just trying to help you. you have a lot of potential, you know? we just need to figure out how to tap that potential to make it work for you instead of you just sitting around thinking the whole "hump day" thing is still cool.

i wanted these needlepoint coons. i still do.

you know what? screw it. if you're gonna be a pouty baby then fine. i went to the twilight exit tonight without you anway.

cheap as hell + happy hour til 8 = winner

this place is right up there with moon temple. moon temple serves general tso chicken though which is kinda hard to trump. on the other hand twilight exit has golden tee, tetris, big buck hunter, AND it's not located way the fuck out in wallingford. plus, $3.50 for a shot of beam and a PBR back?? and that's EVERY DAY, til 8pm. i really can't think of a better deal in town off the top of my head. i mean, metropolitain is cheap, but that $1.50 PBR pint thing they do only happens once a week, and even then, i'm pretty sure the twilight has cheaper wells.

i'm not sure why i haven't been to this place until just today.

twilight exit, i salute you.


i was playing rock band on sunday at tom's house and i went to the music store just to see if they had any new tracks. as it turns out pixies' entire doolittle album is available as a download, which is fucking awesome. my favorite pixies song is on that album so you know i copped that shit right away. natch.

ever since i first got rock band i was always kind of bummed that "here comes your man" was the pixies song harmonix decided to include in the game--there are so many better pixies songs that they could have included but finally my dreams have come true. the song is not super complicated, even on expert--obviously, if you watched the video--but it doesn't really need to be for it to be fun in-game (see "say it ain't so"; "creep"). hopefully The Internet can perform this on their farewell tour. i wanna try this bitch on vocals.

i bought 2 tickets to black kids this morning. they're coming to neumo's october 10. that's it. some dj on kexp played one of their songs and i liked it, so i bought tickets.
does this count as blog hype, idolator? tards. i promise if i like their performance i won't talk about it anywhere.


this is not a food blog

went to cal anderson yesterday with abiel to hang out with greg and some friends for greg's birthday and maybe shoot some pics with the new rig. i wasn't really able to hang as long as i would have like because i overbooked myself--something i kind of tend to do a lot. i don't do it on purpose, it's just that the part of me that has any sort of concept of time is stuck at 7 years old, when an hour was enough time to get something done. i like to think i'm a pretty okay dude but i always feel like a dick when this kind of thing happens. especially on your birthday, greg.

whoa downerrrrrr

i don't want to give too much away but this thursday's flog is going to mark the return of burger luv so be onna lookout. needless to say i am pretty excited. i think flog is (very rapidly) becoming my favorite part of writing in this blog.

related: tonight at la spiga emily and i were discussing thursday's dinner plans over a bowl potato and leek soup (it was pretty good i guess) when she told me that i am kind of snobby about food (probably true). i tried to play it off by making a joke about making a burger from fred meyer doo-doo meat with a cold kraft single on top.

"that's exactly what i mean."

ok, so maybe it was kind of a snobby joke.

look. i hold in high regard quality ingredients (artisan cheeses, premium meats, niche greens, fresh gourmet pastas) that are expertly cooked and artfully presented and i don't think there's anything wrong with that. 100 percent of the time the quality of your ingredients and how they're cooked will affect the finished product you put on a plate. besides that, presentation alone is a major part of any dining experience (that's why people say "ooh i'll have what he's having" while staring down a dish making its way to a table halfway across the restaurant). let's face it: i like bougie food and swank restaurants. i guess that does make me a snob, in a way.

there's something else that needs to be considered though and that's the fact that i am the kind of dude that has "making a hot dog rollup" high on his list of things to do before the end of this grilling season. you know what, i'm into dirty-ass barbecue and garbage like mcdonalds breakfast because it tastes good. hot dogs and that kraft deluxe mac and cheese with the foil cheese sauce packet are two of my all time favorite foods and all this--all this right hurr? all this, in conjunction with my more refined tastes as outlined above, just means that i love food in general. i don't believe in dish-crimination. when i make a joke about frying up bulk-pack costco dog-food burger patties, two hot dogs cut open and fried burgermaster-style piled on top with two fried eggs, all smashed inside a stale, butter-grilled hoagie and covered in relish and yellow mustard (which isn't actually a joke because i made it the other night, and yeah, i enjoyed it. so?), i'm not making that joke because i think that kind of food is below me. it's just different and i appreciate it in a different way--it's the yang to the yin of haute cuisine.

i figure whenever i eat anything, especially if i plan on letting someone know about it later, i owe it to food (and whoever prepared it) to respect the intent behind the meal...that's gonna come across verbally or in writing.


FLOG: how to cook a wolf

i guess this is it. i guess this shit is official. this is A Thing now.

i guess this is for real because once upon a time (last week) there was something that was kind of a quasi-joke that we did for the first time: FLOG. food blog. thing is, we did it again tonight. it's like ramona quimby's dad said: "first time is funny. second time is silly. third time's a spanking." shit got silly tonight when we hollered at How To Cook A Wolf (Queen Anne; Seattle).

for the sake of this entry i'm going to go ahead and assume you haven't heard of Wolf. first thing you should know is that they don't take reservations. period. you go there and you put your fucking name on the list and you wait your turn. second thing you should know is that their schedule is unusual. oh, you think you know something about the restaurant biz? think you can dodge the rush by going on an off peak night? wrong. they're closed tuesday and wednesday. enjoy your wait.

we knew the joint was red-hot but we said fuck it and hit it up for flog night anyway.

trust: seating capacity is limited. the bigger your party, the bigger your wait. there were 6 of us tonight so this translated into a two hour and forty-five minute wait. luckily we were down with kicking it in a neighborhood park knocking back some 40s to kill the time.

Wolf is italian tapas, so if you're starving you're probably going to end up ordering a few things. They change the menu somewhat frequently so i'd recommend checking up on their menu online before you go, just to get an idea of what you might want to get. they trickle your food out to you as it's prepared so go ahead and holler at 5 things--they bring it to you when it's ready; no need to sweat about dish sprawl hogging up precious table real estate.

by now you should be fully briefed on what to expect if and when you go so l-lets get'ta goin.

the chilled pea soup they brought us as round one is flavored with mint and hazelnut oil, which pools on the surface of the soup. tasting it, it's thinner than i anticipated. the puree is perfectly smooth, where i had expected more texture. this is a surprise, not a disappointment. the lightness of the soup works nicely with the freshness imparted by the mint--a flavor that comes through as a finish after the initial savoriness. the flavor of the hazelnut oil is undetectable, at least to me.

the first really strong feeling i experienced after tasting the soup was concern. i was geniunely worried that i would not be able to remember the varying nuances of the dishes i was eating. the flavors are so complex and we ordered so many different items from the menu that i was sure i'd be unable to describe them with any sort of detail. i literally had to take notes. and yes, this made me feel like a pretentious titty, but goddammit, i'm for real about eating food and then writing about it in here so allow me to expound on the scribbles i done scribbled on the back of a menu i copped for the purpose.

- an approximation of latholemono is formed by the lemon juice and olive oil that coats the geoduck ceviche. chili flakes sprinkled throughout season the dish and there is also a moderate amount of what appears to be cilantro in the ceviche itself. a broad swath of creamed avocado adorns one side of the bowl. the geoduck is shaved thin. The avocado is very creamy and is a nice foil to the chewy-crunchy texture of the geoduck. the lemon juice works well with the avocado and, to a lesser degree, the cilantro. i think there is a little too much cilantro in the dish but overall it's good. my eyes can see the tiny, tiny chili flakes but my mouth cannot taste it. i wonder if something is wrong with me. i continue to eat some of the oil with bread after the ceviche and the avocado are gone; it has a great lemon flavor without actually being sour.

- tiny black flecks of vanilla bean pepper the vanilla oil that accompanies the ahi crudo. a cucumber salad that sits on top of the ahi fillets is seasoned with sea salt. crunchiness is lent to a bite of the ahi by the cucumber. the ahi, having been dredged in lime juice, disintegrates in the mouth. the dish is well seasoned and citrus-savory gives way to a fresh sweetness provided by the cucumber which is followed by the distinct essence of the vanilla oil. i can't leave the oil alone. emily and lynsey exclaim that "it tastes like dessert!" andrew and i agree.

- i love eggs, so, having ordered the soft-boiled eggs with anchovy mayonnaise, i'm excited for them to arrive, and am more so when they do. unfortunately, this turns out to be a low point of the meal for me. as the whole focus of the meal so far (in my estimation) has been on the interplay of flavors in a given dish while keeping the dish itself relatively uncomplicated, i am not expecting to be blown out of my chair by the eggs themselves. rather, i'm hoping to experience some sort of interesting relationship between the egg yolk and (in particular) the anchovy in the mayo. I'm a bit let down to find that the mayo is not as fully emulsified as i had expected and has mixed with the yolk of the egg. the anchovy flavor is, in my opinion, completely overtaken by the flavor of the yolk. the eggs themselves are wonderfully cooked and presented--the shelled, halved whites are hard-boiled solid, while retaining a pool of runny yolk inside. i am also a bit surprised to find that they are cold; i had expected them to be at least warm. i'm not sure if i'm disappointed because of my expectation of a highly emulsified, peaky mayo isn't fulfilled by this particular dish or if it's because i wanted to taste a balance between egg and anchovy and did not.

- surpassing everything we've been served at this point, the beef carpaccio arrives, presented elegantly with white anchovy and celery leaf and topped with shaved reggiano. the main thing about this dish to me is that it exemplifies Wolf's MO to a T. there isn't really a whole lot to the dish itself but the manner in which it is prepared and the way the flavors are perfectly balanced makes it seem more than it really is. i'm incredibly impressed at the way the beef, which is sliced so thin as to be translucent, is practically digested the moment it hits your tongue. the celery leaf has a very strong flavor and finshes out the interplay between the saltiness of the anchovy and the sweetness of the reggiano. this particular relationship was my favorite part of the dish.

- the bruschetta comes and everyone is intrigued by the cranberry beans. the beans turn out to be similar to pinto beans and, through no fault of the bean itself, are not as cool as everyone (myself included) imagined and are given flavor by the balsamic. fiore sardo, (romano's geekier, milder, less-popular cousin) is sprinkled atop the bruschetta and has a mildly smoky-sweet flavor which is complimented by the balsamic. the beans have an subtle crunchy-creamy texture beneath the crusty bread. as a whole i could take or leave this dish. almost all of the flavor comes from the young garlic that is part of the dish and the balsalmic, as well as the cheese. in my opinion those three would taste great together regardless of where they are prepared. i am not wowed.

- while working on a longliner fishing cod and halibut years ago i had a captain who insisted i eat scallops, just-caught from the sea and immediately cut from their shells, from his knife. they were delicious--cool, ocean-salty and creamy. the seared scallops we order take that basic formula and elaborates on it with a creamy white bean puree, sea bean, and radish. the sea beans provide a flavor of saltwater and the bean puree is smooth and nutty; it's texture plays nicely off of the creamy flesh of the scallops.

- also on the seafood tip we try the marinated gulf shrimp. they are very fresh and firm and are accompanied with sweet onions, taggiasca olives, and capers. the olives are small and soft and lend a delicate flavor that is enhanced with the pickly flavor of the capers. there's cilantro in this dish as well and i kind of wish there wasn't, but i really enjoy this dish.

- the one pasta dish we order is the spaghetti. it comes topped with a 2-inch pile of cheese (major bonus points). having not closely examined the menu prior to recieving the dish at our table i was surprised to see that it does not include marinara but in fact is flavored with with garlic, chilies, and anchovy. quite a few of our party are nonplussed by this dish--indeed, kevin seems to be outright disappointed, saying it is too garlicky--but i am really into this dish, due partially to the abundance of garlic it contains. there's a hint of anchovy that permeates each bite of the pasta and i welcome every piece. the dish has more heat than i expected. i give this one high marks; it's not a typical spaghetti dish.

- our meal is finished off with the baked polenta. 2 crispy-edged cakes of cornmeal sit atop each other in a small ladleful of fontina fonduta. i hear the comment that the polenta "tastes like cream-of-wheat," which, without the fonduta, it does, as they are similar. i also hear that the fonduta is kind of salty, which is something with which i would agree. however, i find that the trick to this dish, is to make sure to get some of the crispy fried outer crust, the slightly-gritty yet creamy inside of the polenta, and some of the fonduta all in one bite. the relatively neutral polenta and the creamy, salty fonduta cheese sauce balance each other out while the crispy outside provides texture. it's delicious. i'm reminded somewhat of some kind of baked macaroni and cheese.

the big question with Wolf is: are you prepared to wait? if you know that you are, the question quickly becomes "is the food worth the wait?". i can't say that i would regularly patronize on a regular basis any establishment with an average wait time of three hours, but i can say that i don't regret waiting to eat there. provided you are okay at keeping yourself entertained or go there with people you are okay doing whatever with to kill an hour or few, the wait becomes a minor inconvenience (depending on how hungry you are). i'd recommend that one tough Wolf's prodigious wait out if they have never been. the food is worth it. i'd also recommend just concentrating on enjoying the food--trust, it'll come natural--and not taking notes, because it makes you look like a dick.

see you next week, floggers.

- mant



excuse me while i geek out for a second.

i've been playing god of war for PSP on "spartan" on and off now for about 4 days.
i was kickin it on the couch last night, playing with my earphones in so as not to disturb anyone and i got to this part:

i managed to make it almost all the way down to the bottom when emily (who was studying on the couch next to me) tapped me on the shoulder. i continued to play until i died (about 30 seconds) and took my earphones out to ask her what was up.

"um...you're breathing really hard."

this game is awesome.

i've been commuting to and from work via bicycle every day for a couple weeks now and i was thinking about most of the cyclists i see between seattle and bellevue. most are wearing actual bike kit, like bike shorts and bike jerseys and stuff. more and more i've been getting a little bit of discomfort from my saddle while riding in just jeans and am not helped by them (or my t-shirt) flapping in the wind while crossing lake washington. i'm kind of torn between the convenience of just wearing whatever i want--jeans with a tee and hoodie or whatever--vs the benefits of something a little more purpose-built (e.g. ass padding) and aerodynamic so i started looking around for jerseys.

i think that if i were going to wear any sort of bike jersey i might as well rep some of my favorite brews and snacks while i'm at it. the jury is still out on the whole jersey thing but i gotta say that i love that long sleeve duvel jersey.

i've also been thinking about inclement seattle weather that we will inevitably be experiencing. aside from the fact that earlier this year i purchased some leg warmers and some booties that i were told were waterproof when they actually WERE NOT (thanks for nothing velo bike shop, i am not even sure why i'm linking to you), i don't have much riding-specific clothes with a high degree of protection from shitty weather. luckily performance is having a sale on clothing right now and i found a jacket--a jacket that is designed to cover your ass-crack while riding--that's good. especially for anyone that ends up riding behind me because my ass always hangs out. right renai?? also on the bike gear tip, my buddy will linked me to chainlove.com today; i'll be keeping a sharp eye out on that site for some killer deals.

not that i've played rock band anytime recently (you know i be clappin niggaz and coppin whips in gta4. smarten up nigga) but i was pretty stoked to see this video on on comedy central insider. every time i play tom sawyer in rock band you know i holla at it on expert and i've always wondered if rush could even play it on expert. turns out, they tried when they were backstage at the colbert report. turns out, someone got it on video. peep:

turns out, the answer is no, because that shit doesn't even look like it's on hard and they still failed out at 31 percent. i'm betting The Internet can play rush better than rush can play rush. discuss.

i'm still looking for suggestions on places to eat in san fran. as in, i want to put together a 2-day mini tour of restaurants--breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
"San Fran's food makes Seattle look like a culinary shithole."
     - Angela

i'll believe it when i see it (with my mouth). anyone care to lend credence to this claim?


weekend update

it's monday. welcome to work. i won the office pool.

the bet was how much dark knight would make on opening weekend. it was a dollar per bet to buy in. "the price is right" rules (highest without going over) were in full effect and i took it with my bet of 105 million. i made 11 dollars, so it looks like i'll be seeing the movie for free, if people actually PAY UP.

went to a mariners game on friday. gorged on free hot dogs, which was awesome. i also paid $8.50 for a red hook, which was NOT awesome. i tried to hold out til we got home, but i just felt weird about being at a baseball game and not drinking beer.

i recorded with blue, pig on saturday and sunday. i'm of the mind that we should only ever "record" and not "practice" as we had many a hot cut (might have been the booze though). thinking i might throw some mp3's up here once we get everything mixed properly.

saturday night (after a screening of Ghostbusters at the fremont outdoor theater) emily and i caught the first part of sigur rós's 2007 documentary "Heima." from the Heima website:
The culmination of more than a year spent promoting their hugely successful ‘Takk…’ album around the world, the Icelandic tour was free to all-comers and went largely unannounced. Playing in deserted fish factories, outsider art follies, far-flung community halls, sylvan fields, darkened caves and the hoofprint of Odin’s horse, Sleipnir*, the band reached an entirely new spectrum of the Icelandic population; young and old, ardent and merely quizzical, entirely by word-of-mouth.
the film is beautifully shot, interspersing shots of the icelandic landscape with live performances of songs from their first four albums. here's a clip of one of my favorite parts of the film, a performance of Ágætis Byrjun:

Heima is a pleasure to watch and i'm strongly considering purchasing it for my dvd collection.

starting to flesh out plans for an upcoming trip to san francisco in august; i'll be down there for a couple days. i'd appreciate any tips on cool places to see and visit. in particular i'd be way into any recommendations for bomb-ass restaurants that i need to eat at before i leave the city.
[10:11] tomw: oh man, i ate at this sushi place, where the food was delivered on wooden boats on a stream right in front of you

that's EXACTLY the kind of thing i'm looking for.


i dont want to hear about it.

i've noticed that my ability to fully enjoy a movie is spoiled by having heard anything about it. for example, i really liked wall-e, but i probably would have liked it more if i just ignored the fact that EVERYONE IN THE FUCKING UNIVERSE gushed about it until after seeing it.

so on that note: if you've seen the dark knight, and you feel inclined to say something to me about it, do me a favor and don't.

this means that if i think it's likely that your myspace bulletin, facebook note, text message, or blog entry has anything to do with TDK--anything at all--i'm just gonna skip past all that shit to the girl with the huge boobs in the supergirl outfit (or whatever).


person: hey mant have you seen the dark night yet
me: no i haven't yet

when you imagine this scenario, imagine that i am not there for the person's reply, because i will walk away if i even get a slight feeling that you are gonna say anything about it at all. i KNOW it's going to be awesome. spare me your opinion.

basically i just want to apologize in advance for any rudeness anyone may experience in the next few days until such a time that i have had an opportunity to see it myself. which will be very soon, because i have the highest guess in my office pool on how much the dark knight will make opening weekend, and the winnings will definitely pay for a ticket to the dark knight and maybe some sour patch kids.

hugs and kisses,

mant jerkson


FLOG: willie's taste of soul bar-b-que

"...whatever comes second, i'll be there with my weapon."

tonight i just happened to be armed with a terrible hunger for some barbecue.

so like i said earlier, we had plans to go to "willie's taste of soul bar-b-que" tonight. here's how it jumped off:

i'm running a little behind so i just head straight there from work. i roll up on my bike and there are 3 squad cars parked on the sidewalk in front of the place. cops are milling around some perp telling him he's gonna go to jail.

i think, "this is going to be awesome."

i lock up and walk in. i'm a little disappointed because the place is very clean and well lit and smells faintly of floor cleaner. i had fully expected grimy wooden tables and metal-framed chairs with torn vinyl upholstery in a dimly lit, woodsmoke-filled dining area but sadly(?) this isn't the case.

emily shows up with the rest of the crew. we sit down.

our server seems skeptical about our group because while we order more than half of us (myself not included) are inquiring as to exactly how hot "hot" is at their establishment. server gives us a look that i take to mean that she thinks we are clearly a bunch of punk-ass bitches.

food comes.

i am wrecking the shit out of my helping of potato salad. i similarly decimate the remainder of lynsey's and emily's potato salad. i normally do not like potato salad so this comes as a pleasant surprise to me. the potatoes are well cooked. there are small chunks of orange bell pepper throughout and i believe they use a generous amount of yellow mustard in the recipe but i could be wrong. again, i am hardly ever (read: almost never) impressed with potato salad but this place definitely knows how to do it up right.

i move on to the mac and cheese. i am hearing universal praise around the table for the mac as i dig in but i am ambivalent about it. i have had more than my fair share of macaroni and cheese around this city and i can think of at least 6 places that do it better. not to say that that willie's has bad mac and cheese but i wouldn't go in there before a picnic or whatever and order an extra large portion to go (like i would with the potato salad). whatever, the mac is average. i move on.

i snag a bite of chicken. the sauce takes me by surprise. it is the dry kind of spicy, not the kind that drowns your mouth in heat and makes you sweat but it is definitely very peppery. there is a sweet note at the end and is not as thick as i thought it would be. the chicken itself is very tender and moist. there is a visible smoke ring in the meat. my biggest complaint is that there is not enough of the chicken--it is a full order of chicken and i expected there to be more for the price.

the hot links that came with the order are something i've been anticipating since i first looked at the menu. they are not quite what i expected. it seems to be an andouille-type sausage that has been cut into small pieces. it does not appear to be very fatty; the meat is a bit drier than i thought it would be. it is heavily spiced with something i am unable to identify but the flavor is enjoyable. emily finds them to be too heavily spiced and loses interest. good. more for me.

the cornbread muffins are moist and crumbly. willie's incorporates red bell pepper into the batter which i am unable to detect with just my tastebuds. they are crusty on the outside. they don't hold up too well to my attempts to sop up some barbecue sauce so i decide to finally holler at the brisket and stack some on top of a corn muffin. it is the fucking bomb so i decide it's time to go one-on-one with the brisket.

first brisket-only bite and am fucking blown away. it is by far the best thing on the table. it comes apart with next to no effort and is not stringy at all. it's tender and very juicy. the sauce is a wonderful compliment to the meat. it's perfect. it's the best brisket i can recall eating to date and seals my decision to go to willie's again in the future. if a person or place can barbecue some meat better than my brother can then a) maybe there's a problem and b) i am automatically sold.

overall willie's is good. there are a lot of things on the menu that i didn't try (collard greens, baby back ribs, coconut cake, peach cobbler) and i will have to cop that shit next time i go. they lose a few points for not having beer on tap--beer is only sold by the bottle there--but at least they have red stripe and sierra nevada. i also should say here that if you ever go there you better bring an appetite because the amount of food you get is kind of ridic. everyone was stuffed to the point of food coma, which sounds kinda whatever but the combo we picked "feeds 4" and there were 5 of us. i straight up embarassed so much food tonight too and if you know me then you know i can put food away like it's my job.

and yeah I KNOW this isn't a proper flog post without actual food porn so don't sweat me. for some reason NO ONE remembered to bring a camera so you're just gonna have to let my way with words play nice with your imagination for now.

see you next time.

whatever comes first...

...i'm prepared for the worst.

today might be a double whammy blog day.
listen, blog? it's mant. look, i really want this to work out between us, so i'm just going to write up in you every day--like at least once a day--til it feels weird not to do it. alright? we can do this. together.

yesterday jason called me at the end of my work day to ask me if i wanted to go out on lake union in his boat. he told me it had been running a bit weird as of late.

"see, i kind of need you to come with me just in case the motor dies because i can't row it back to shore all by myself."

um, right. sounds awesome, jason. you don't even own oars.

"i'll buy the beer."

ok. i'm leaving now. i'm on my way.

kind of had a tough time figuring out the best route to the u-district marina. i ended up choosing my route based on what i imagined would have the least amount of elevation change. i still haven't actually checked this out myself so let's go to the google and take a look at (what i decided were) the best possible routes:

route 1

route 2

i took route 1 because i figured once i got over the bridge it would be all flats and downhills. wrong. there's a BIG FUCKING HILL before the flats and downhills. still better than route 2, which is a lot of uphill, downhill, uphill, down a biiiiig hill, and then uphill again.

it didn't REALLY matter what route i took because by the time i got to the marina i was about dead.

as it turned out the boat ran great and we did not have to row the bitch back to shore. it was perfect out on the lake and we drank as we cruised by all the houseboats. our slowly-warming case of beer sweated contentedly to itself in the evening heat.

we hit up northlake tavern (as per my tweet from last night) for some more beer and pizza after we moored the boat. giant fucking pizza and 3 dollar(!!) pitchers were the order of the day. i give that place an 8.5 out of ten. they would've scored higher, but as far as i know they don't serve hard liquor.

abiel passed through town a bit later in the evening and stopped by emily's house to drop off the PSP he got for my birthday. dude seriously knows how to fliff the fuck out; it's a rad gift. i've been playing "god of war: chains of olympus" at work while not actively engaging in work-related activity and it's dope as hell. whether or not the PSP browser functions fully with videobox remains to be seen (it better or i am gonna be pissed).

i gotta peace the fuck out because emily and i are going to this barbecue joint called willie's taste of soul bar-b-que. needless to say i am stoked and also needless to say i will most likely provide my humble opinion on this place after the fact. stay tuned.


cake cup!

i got real excited and had to post this here.
Chocolate Cake In 5 Minutes!

4 Tablespoons cake flour
4 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons cocoa
1 Egg
3 Tablespoons milk
3 Tablespoons oil
1 Mug

no shit. i was relieved to find that, while listed as an ingredient, it is not necessary to eat the mug after consuming the cake.

for a while when i was a kid (sometime immediately following my "mysterious potion" phase) i'd grab a few swiss miss cocoa packets whenever i went to hang out with my buddy gale.

we'd dump 2 or 3 packets of cocoa powder in our mouths and let our saliva mix with the powder, creating a gritty, chocolatey sludge that was not unlike raw chocolate cake batter. this quickly became our favorite "snack" and our newfound addiction quickly spiralled out of control.

it eventually got to the point where my dad made the connection between my constantly-chocolatey mouth and the fact that we never had any cocoa packs around the house and he quit buying swiss miss from costco altogether.

withdrawl quickly set in and, craving intense flavor in a conveniently packaged, easily-pocketed form factor, i turned to bouillon cubes. bouillon is not as good as cocoa powder, but so what nigga? it got me high.

anyway, seeing the aforementioned "quick cake" blog entry reminded me of that little gem from my kidhood, so i thought i'd repost it here. i have a special place in my heart for junky snacks and foodie creations of questionable culinary merit. which is probably why i like groceryeats so much.

i am pretty sure "testarossa overdrive" on this kid's muxtape gets heavy radio play on electrochoc in GTA4. todey remindey of bellingham dance parties at the vanilla dome. it's a sick remix of KAVINSKY's "testarossa autodrive" shown below:

(only embedding this because i think this video is fucking cool)

mant out.



it's 516 pm.

i'm still at my work because i am resurrecting this bitch from the dead.

step a: create a blogger account (i did this some days ago and immediately lost interest)
steb b: decide i need a blog to post in. again (sometime earlier today)
step c: create a new blog
step d: create a new username. become irritated that desired URL is taken
step e: realize that i have a blogger blog already and i already own desired URL
fastforward fastforward
step (?): delete newly-created blog; post in this one. done.

daddy's back, betch.

internet stardom here i come. forget all that other shit below. i can feel my blogshares value preparing to shoot through the fucking roof.

no big plans this time though. i'll just be posting crap in here somewhat irregularly, or maybe not at all.

buckle up.