i dont want to hear about it.

i've noticed that my ability to fully enjoy a movie is spoiled by having heard anything about it. for example, i really liked wall-e, but i probably would have liked it more if i just ignored the fact that EVERYONE IN THE FUCKING UNIVERSE gushed about it until after seeing it.

so on that note: if you've seen the dark knight, and you feel inclined to say something to me about it, do me a favor and don't.

this means that if i think it's likely that your myspace bulletin, facebook note, text message, or blog entry has anything to do with TDK--anything at all--i'm just gonna skip past all that shit to the girl with the huge boobs in the supergirl outfit (or whatever).


person: hey mant have you seen the dark night yet
me: no i haven't yet

when you imagine this scenario, imagine that i am not there for the person's reply, because i will walk away if i even get a slight feeling that you are gonna say anything about it at all. i KNOW it's going to be awesome. spare me your opinion.

basically i just want to apologize in advance for any rudeness anyone may experience in the next few days until such a time that i have had an opportunity to see it myself. which will be very soon, because i have the highest guess in my office pool on how much the dark knight will make opening weekend, and the winnings will definitely pay for a ticket to the dark knight and maybe some sour patch kids.

hugs and kisses,

mant jerkson

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stefanie p. warmouth said...

i'll try to write a new blog soon so the most recent one is NOT about batman.