FLOG: homeflog/burger luv edition

on monday it was announced by lynsey (another FLOG crew member) that there would be no restaurant excursion this week and that we were going to be cooking at teebah's house. i was tapped to do burgers, which i was pretty stoked about--a of all because i really like grilling, and b of all because it's been a while since my previous burger luv attempt and over a year since the original burger luv. only 3 burgers done in what, 15 months? i was feeling a bit behind the game, so i saw it as an opportunity to get the ball rolling again.

the premise of burger luv is a basic one: regarding ingredients, the burger itself can be complicated or simple. you can make one burger or several, but flame grilling is absolutely required. it cannot be fried, broiled, baked, or rotisseried (in the case of many burgers at once). in other words, it has to be cooked on a grill directly above fire (you can't make burger luv with a george foreman lean mean fat-reducing grilling machine, sorry). then you assemble it, arrange it on a plate, take a picture of it, and then make a blog entry about it. easy peasy.

this particular burger was a ground sirloin patty stuffed with chopped thick-cut applewood bacon and shredded habanero cheddar. i assembled it on a kaiser roll with mayo and dijon mustard, carmelized onions, roasted red pepper, and arugula. i had purchased reggiano to shave onto the burger itself but, like a big dummy, i forgot to add it.

anyways. roll the pics


kevin whipped up some cukes, i highly recommend

the onions. sauteed in a retarded amt of butter (as is proper)


more prep

the spread (or part of it)

om nom nom nom. burger, beer, mac and cheese--you can be jealous now

since this was the first time we homeflogged i can only comment on how the evening went as a whole. if this kind of thing were going to happen again, i would prep as many ingredients as possible at home and assemble prior to eating. as it were, i was prepping for about 2 hours before i even started cooking which is kind of silly. there were also 3 people trying to cook in one kitchen. on the other hand, i dont usually cook burgers for 8 people. i'd also not eat 10 deviled eggs prior to sitting down to a half pound(uncooked weight) of hamburger and various fixins like i did last night. hurt me. homeflog isnt really about "new, amazing food" as much as it is about putting yourself into a food coma while hanging with a solid crew, so in that regard i'd say it was a success.

see you next week, floggers.

burger luv,


Freshi said...

Mike you get the Flog award for the week. I think you can start calling yourself King of the Flog.

The burgers were awesome, not over or under done but just perfect with amazing fixings. Nice work King of the Flog!

Jodi Losek said...

Sounds and looks like a yummy dinner party!