this is not a food blog

went to cal anderson yesterday with abiel to hang out with greg and some friends for greg's birthday and maybe shoot some pics with the new rig. i wasn't really able to hang as long as i would have like because i overbooked myself--something i kind of tend to do a lot. i don't do it on purpose, it's just that the part of me that has any sort of concept of time is stuck at 7 years old, when an hour was enough time to get something done. i like to think i'm a pretty okay dude but i always feel like a dick when this kind of thing happens. especially on your birthday, greg.

whoa downerrrrrr

i don't want to give too much away but this thursday's flog is going to mark the return of burger luv so be onna lookout. needless to say i am pretty excited. i think flog is (very rapidly) becoming my favorite part of writing in this blog.

related: tonight at la spiga emily and i were discussing thursday's dinner plans over a bowl potato and leek soup (it was pretty good i guess) when she told me that i am kind of snobby about food (probably true). i tried to play it off by making a joke about making a burger from fred meyer doo-doo meat with a cold kraft single on top.

"that's exactly what i mean."

ok, so maybe it was kind of a snobby joke.

look. i hold in high regard quality ingredients (artisan cheeses, premium meats, niche greens, fresh gourmet pastas) that are expertly cooked and artfully presented and i don't think there's anything wrong with that. 100 percent of the time the quality of your ingredients and how they're cooked will affect the finished product you put on a plate. besides that, presentation alone is a major part of any dining experience (that's why people say "ooh i'll have what he's having" while staring down a dish making its way to a table halfway across the restaurant). let's face it: i like bougie food and swank restaurants. i guess that does make me a snob, in a way.

there's something else that needs to be considered though and that's the fact that i am the kind of dude that has "making a hot dog rollup" high on his list of things to do before the end of this grilling season. you know what, i'm into dirty-ass barbecue and garbage like mcdonalds breakfast because it tastes good. hot dogs and that kraft deluxe mac and cheese with the foil cheese sauce packet are two of my all time favorite foods and all this--all this right hurr? all this, in conjunction with my more refined tastes as outlined above, just means that i love food in general. i don't believe in dish-crimination. when i make a joke about frying up bulk-pack costco dog-food burger patties, two hot dogs cut open and fried burgermaster-style piled on top with two fried eggs, all smashed inside a stale, butter-grilled hoagie and covered in relish and yellow mustard (which isn't actually a joke because i made it the other night, and yeah, i enjoyed it. so?), i'm not making that joke because i think that kind of food is below me. it's just different and i appreciate it in a different way--it's the yang to the yin of haute cuisine.

i figure whenever i eat anything, especially if i plan on letting someone know about it later, i owe it to food (and whoever prepared it) to respect the intent behind the meal...that's gonna come across verbally or in writing.


stefanie p. warmouth said...

i gotta take you to kumas corner in chiago.


stefanie p. warmouth said...

or chicago.

jimmy jimmy said...

have you noticed that people love hating on the kraft deluxe mac?

i think that shit's the best.

mant said...

i dunno what the deal is. seems like everyone always hollers at annie's mac and cheese instead, presumably because it's "all natural" (which doesn't really mean anything). in reality they are pretty much the same thing.

i got brand loyalty, man. kraft deluxe got throwback points. it's a staple from a happy childhood.

mant said...

and yeah i just cited salon.com. so?

david said...

snob? no. it don't add up. he's down with bruschetta to breakfast dumps and all the dumbo dacks in between. my dog's got a sizable appetite!