excuse me while i geek out for a second.

i've been playing god of war for PSP on "spartan" on and off now for about 4 days.
i was kickin it on the couch last night, playing with my earphones in so as not to disturb anyone and i got to this part:

i managed to make it almost all the way down to the bottom when emily (who was studying on the couch next to me) tapped me on the shoulder. i continued to play until i died (about 30 seconds) and took my earphones out to ask her what was up.

"um...you're breathing really hard."

this game is awesome.

i've been commuting to and from work via bicycle every day for a couple weeks now and i was thinking about most of the cyclists i see between seattle and bellevue. most are wearing actual bike kit, like bike shorts and bike jerseys and stuff. more and more i've been getting a little bit of discomfort from my saddle while riding in just jeans and am not helped by them (or my t-shirt) flapping in the wind while crossing lake washington. i'm kind of torn between the convenience of just wearing whatever i want--jeans with a tee and hoodie or whatever--vs the benefits of something a little more purpose-built (e.g. ass padding) and aerodynamic so i started looking around for jerseys.

i think that if i were going to wear any sort of bike jersey i might as well rep some of my favorite brews and snacks while i'm at it. the jury is still out on the whole jersey thing but i gotta say that i love that long sleeve duvel jersey.

i've also been thinking about inclement seattle weather that we will inevitably be experiencing. aside from the fact that earlier this year i purchased some leg warmers and some booties that i were told were waterproof when they actually WERE NOT (thanks for nothing velo bike shop, i am not even sure why i'm linking to you), i don't have much riding-specific clothes with a high degree of protection from shitty weather. luckily performance is having a sale on clothing right now and i found a jacket--a jacket that is designed to cover your ass-crack while riding--that's good. especially for anyone that ends up riding behind me because my ass always hangs out. right renai?? also on the bike gear tip, my buddy will linked me to chainlove.com today; i'll be keeping a sharp eye out on that site for some killer deals.

not that i've played rock band anytime recently (you know i be clappin niggaz and coppin whips in gta4. smarten up nigga) but i was pretty stoked to see this video on on comedy central insider. every time i play tom sawyer in rock band you know i holla at it on expert and i've always wondered if rush could even play it on expert. turns out, they tried when they were backstage at the colbert report. turns out, someone got it on video. peep:

turns out, the answer is no, because that shit doesn't even look like it's on hard and they still failed out at 31 percent. i'm betting The Internet can play rush better than rush can play rush. discuss.

i'm still looking for suggestions on places to eat in san fran. as in, i want to put together a 2-day mini tour of restaurants--breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
"San Fran's food makes Seattle look like a culinary shithole."
     - Angela

i'll believe it when i see it (with my mouth). anyone care to lend credence to this claim?


david said...

man there is so much happening in this post i'm not sure how to comment.

i dare you to eat at a place called "uncle's" in chinatown.

i asked stef w how she would describe the experience."slimy and barf are the first two words that come to mind."

sorry. not helpful. can i have your psp?

jimmy jimmy said...

"um...you're breathing really hard." made me LOL in real life!

In fact, I LOLd again now just thinking about it.

Also, I second David. If you can find Uncle's in Chinatown, it's totally worth the dismal food experience for the maximum laughs and memories of being baffled by how someone can foul up chow mein so terribly.