whatever comes first...

...i'm prepared for the worst.

today might be a double whammy blog day.
listen, blog? it's mant. look, i really want this to work out between us, so i'm just going to write up in you every day--like at least once a day--til it feels weird not to do it. alright? we can do this. together.

yesterday jason called me at the end of my work day to ask me if i wanted to go out on lake union in his boat. he told me it had been running a bit weird as of late.

"see, i kind of need you to come with me just in case the motor dies because i can't row it back to shore all by myself."

um, right. sounds awesome, jason. you don't even own oars.

"i'll buy the beer."

ok. i'm leaving now. i'm on my way.

kind of had a tough time figuring out the best route to the u-district marina. i ended up choosing my route based on what i imagined would have the least amount of elevation change. i still haven't actually checked this out myself so let's go to the google and take a look at (what i decided were) the best possible routes:

route 1

route 2

i took route 1 because i figured once i got over the bridge it would be all flats and downhills. wrong. there's a BIG FUCKING HILL before the flats and downhills. still better than route 2, which is a lot of uphill, downhill, uphill, down a biiiiig hill, and then uphill again.

it didn't REALLY matter what route i took because by the time i got to the marina i was about dead.

as it turned out the boat ran great and we did not have to row the bitch back to shore. it was perfect out on the lake and we drank as we cruised by all the houseboats. our slowly-warming case of beer sweated contentedly to itself in the evening heat.

we hit up northlake tavern (as per my tweet from last night) for some more beer and pizza after we moored the boat. giant fucking pizza and 3 dollar(!!) pitchers were the order of the day. i give that place an 8.5 out of ten. they would've scored higher, but as far as i know they don't serve hard liquor.

abiel passed through town a bit later in the evening and stopped by emily's house to drop off the PSP he got for my birthday. dude seriously knows how to fliff the fuck out; it's a rad gift. i've been playing "god of war: chains of olympus" at work while not actively engaging in work-related activity and it's dope as hell. whether or not the PSP browser functions fully with videobox remains to be seen (it better or i am gonna be pissed).

i gotta peace the fuck out because emily and i are going to this barbecue joint called willie's taste of soul bar-b-que. needless to say i am stoked and also needless to say i will most likely provide my humble opinion on this place after the fact. stay tuned.

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