weekend update

it's monday. welcome to work. i won the office pool.

the bet was how much dark knight would make on opening weekend. it was a dollar per bet to buy in. "the price is right" rules (highest without going over) were in full effect and i took it with my bet of 105 million. i made 11 dollars, so it looks like i'll be seeing the movie for free, if people actually PAY UP.

went to a mariners game on friday. gorged on free hot dogs, which was awesome. i also paid $8.50 for a red hook, which was NOT awesome. i tried to hold out til we got home, but i just felt weird about being at a baseball game and not drinking beer.

i recorded with blue, pig on saturday and sunday. i'm of the mind that we should only ever "record" and not "practice" as we had many a hot cut (might have been the booze though). thinking i might throw some mp3's up here once we get everything mixed properly.

saturday night (after a screening of Ghostbusters at the fremont outdoor theater) emily and i caught the first part of sigur rós's 2007 documentary "Heima." from the Heima website:
The culmination of more than a year spent promoting their hugely successful ‘Takk…’ album around the world, the Icelandic tour was free to all-comers and went largely unannounced. Playing in deserted fish factories, outsider art follies, far-flung community halls, sylvan fields, darkened caves and the hoofprint of Odin’s horse, Sleipnir*, the band reached an entirely new spectrum of the Icelandic population; young and old, ardent and merely quizzical, entirely by word-of-mouth.
the film is beautifully shot, interspersing shots of the icelandic landscape with live performances of songs from their first four albums. here's a clip of one of my favorite parts of the film, a performance of Ágætis Byrjun:

Heima is a pleasure to watch and i'm strongly considering purchasing it for my dvd collection.

starting to flesh out plans for an upcoming trip to san francisco in august; i'll be down there for a couple days. i'd appreciate any tips on cool places to see and visit. in particular i'd be way into any recommendations for bomb-ass restaurants that i need to eat at before i leave the city.
[10:11] tomw: oh man, i ate at this sushi place, where the food was delivered on wooden boats on a stream right in front of you

that's EXACTLY the kind of thing i'm looking for.

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