i was playing rock band on sunday at tom's house and i went to the music store just to see if they had any new tracks. as it turns out pixies' entire doolittle album is available as a download, which is fucking awesome. my favorite pixies song is on that album so you know i copped that shit right away. natch.

ever since i first got rock band i was always kind of bummed that "here comes your man" was the pixies song harmonix decided to include in the game--there are so many better pixies songs that they could have included but finally my dreams have come true. the song is not super complicated, even on expert--obviously, if you watched the video--but it doesn't really need to be for it to be fun in-game (see "say it ain't so"; "creep"). hopefully The Internet can perform this on their farewell tour. i wanna try this bitch on vocals.

i bought 2 tickets to black kids this morning. they're coming to neumo's october 10. that's it. some dj on kexp played one of their songs and i liked it, so i bought tickets.
does this count as blog hype, idolator? tards. i promise if i like their performance i won't talk about it anywhere.

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