stop having a boring life

"you're gonna love my nuts."

meet my new favorite infomercial. i used to really dig on the rotato infomercial but that was a long time ago and truth be told i'm not really into potatoes that much. this is definitely better, plus you get the graty for free!

if you ain't up on your infomercials, this man's name is vince offer and he's the same pitchman in the shamwow ad which was also excellent.

i love that this skeezy parking lot huckster is making excellent ads like this. my prediction for 2009 is that vince offer eclipses billy mays as the king of direct response marketing. and those of you all like "oh man but what about popeil" you need to get with the times. yeah my family had a showtime rotisserie and i can respect the man as an inventor but he's not relevant in the game anymore. i'm betting billy mays will become a victim of his own popularity and will stop producing new infomercials--he's yelling about everything from ESPN350 to health insurance to Miracle Whip (an excellent and delicious product that i also endorse). vince's whole condescending "this product is basically shit but you're still an idiot if you don't buy it" vibe is very engaging. all someone has to do is put vince behind a product that can make more than half a cup of chopped whatever at a time and he will blow up huge.


stefanie p. warmouth said...

ya love salad--ya hate makin' it!

stefanie p. warmouth said...


david said...

this guy could sell me on starting up a papa john's email account. ORDERED!