i haven't slept in 37 hours. i don't know how much longer i can hold out. i'm shooting for tomorrow night (just because) but i don't think i have enough stimulants to get me all the way through.

2008 ended in the BIGGEST psych out i have ever had and i totally did it to myself!

short version:
i tricked myself into thinking my d80 AND my work laptop got stolen out of my car BUT IT TURNED OUT NOT TO BE TRUE AT ALL!

[EDIT: was too tired last night to type more of an explanation than what you see above; see comments for more deets]

it was for sure the worst day I can remember having all year...and the big reveal was one of the raddest, best surprises/high points i can remember having all year.

i'm an idiot.

nice knowing you, 2008.

whats up, 09?


stefanie p. warmouth said...

haha oh my god, mike, that's wonderful.
where was the stuff? just hidden in your car? one last trick from 2008?

i watched the space needle on tv even though i was just a couple miles away from it. it was a weeeeiiiiird night. but GREAT?!

mant said...

get this:

i was on the phone with david discussing my new year's plan and, as i put my bag on my bed and flipped my comforter aside, i saw that underneath my comforter was a pillow--and, with one corner peeking out, underneath the pillow was my laptop.

i said to david that it would be almost funny if my camera was in fact still in my car...and then did a mental double take, went outside and thoroughly probed around underneath the driver's seat, and ended up with a handful of camera strap (the ends were still attached to the camera, so this was a nice surprise).

this sounds really stupid given the fact that i totally filed a police report for the "stolen" items and reimaged a new laptop for use at my job, but it helps if you have an understanding of my mental state when i woke up on tuesday morning extraordinarily late for work.

rushing around in a panic with my mind still fogged with sleep and the effects of the night before, and thinking "oh man it would suck if my car got broken into last night" and then opening the car door and realizing it wasn't locked and then not seeing my stuff where i remember seeing it last and THEN hearing from our current houseguests that THEIR car also got broken into 2 nights prior definitely had my brain sold on the idea that i was no longer in possession of my things. nevermind that i didn't even check around the house or in the car before calling my boss to tell him that my laptop got stolen.

anyway, yay happy endings.