one joke

if you read this more than 3 days and 20 hours after it's posted, you might be SOL (especially if the auction gets taken down after it ends), but for those who stay up on their blogroll, peep this:

One Joke (ebay)

it appears that a staff writer at the onion is having a hard time with a joke he came up with.
I am selling a joke that I can't find a contextual home for. To be fair, it's less of a joke and more of a dated, Capote-esque cocktail party bon mot, but decidedly more feeble. The best one can reasonably expect from this item is a self-satisfied chuckle, such as can be observed issuing from someone wearing a turtleneck while reading the Harper's Index. If that didn't make you barf, please continue reading.

i hope someone i know wins this because i really want to hear it.

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