apparently dave spent a dollar and got the ifart app. he said it was the worst dollar he's ever spent but i'm forced to disagree with him.

its like this: yeah, on one hand i can't believe people (almost 39,000 in one day) pay money for fart sounds, but on the other hand, it's only a dollar. besides, farts are funny.

according to netapplication's data on iphone's market share of internet usage the iphone has 0.44% of the market as of the end of december. if the current trend keeps up (and i don't see why it wouldn't, at least not for a little while) the potential audience for new apps is only going to increase over time.

while it's it's a cool idea that with the success of the iphone and ipod touch it's becoming more and more possible for an increasing number of people to see this kind of spike in the success of their idea (given that an application meets the app store standards), it's a bit off-putting to think that the most cost effective way to appeal to the the least common denominator of this particular audience is "fart noises." although i guess i can't really say i'm surprised.

[EDIT: i was high out of my fucking mind when i wrote this; disregard.]


david said...

i'm part of the problem

jimmy jimmy said...