regarding david lynch; chickens

i have a number of friends who are huge fans of twin peaks/david lynch, so i felt compelled to throw this up here:

From Blue Velvet to Inland Empire: The 10 Best David Lynch Moments

i'm not gonna front like i've seen more than one episode of twin peaks or have an intimate knowledge of most of the moments in the list, so friends? this is 100% for you.

lately i'm housesitting at my brother's neighbors' house. they don't have the internet or tv, so i'm not doing much of either (including blogging), but i am getting lots of GTA4 time in at tom's house (awesome). also, i am becoming fast friends with some chickens, as one of the responsibilities i was tasked with while housesitting is watching willie's hens--feeding them, putting them to bed, supervising their playtime in the yard, etc. fact: chickens adore cheese. no joke. inky (the black hen) stole a huge chunk of cheese right out of my hand. also, i've been eating a ridiculous amount of eggs, as they lay about 4-6 eggs a day.

i was out at atlantic crossing the other day with rich and andy and it turns out that andy had a ticket to radiohead on ebay for 100 bucks. i managed to talk him into selling it to me for 80 bucks and he agreed, so it looks like i'll be heading down to white river amphitheater on wednesday to see one of the greatest bands on the planet. i'd kill a man for a press pass. dammit.

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SAKURA NYC said...

the chickens know a good thing, cheese. cheese plates.