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today's submission comes to us all the way from australia.

i came across this livejournal entry just now while doin what i do. this is one of the better "FLOG"-style posts i have seen. it's like the perfect mix of a foodie review of pub eats and a poopreport.com story. witness:
The burning mouth, the crying, the ringing ears I can handle. But now with less than a third of the burger to go my stomach seizes up and refuses to let me put anything into it. I take a deep breath and look for my can of "harden the f * ck up" when I notice that my mate Thommo has stopped eating his burger just beyond the halfway point and is wandering aimlessly up and down the street.

He has honestly lost the plot and is walking around in circles.
i love hot, and i love burgers. if i ever go to brisbane i can't say i wouldn't be sorely tempted to attempt to burn a hole through my body with one of these.

The World's hottest burger - and it's in Brisbane

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jimmy jimmy said...

that's so funny.