whirlwind tour

fuck it. i know stef and daniel already summed up the most anticipated event of the weekend pretty well (peep daniel's video of the events here if you have the privilege of david's friendship yet were unable to make it to his going away party), but i'm going to go ahead and ignore that.

i present unto thee: a photo essay of the past 3 days. first stop is linda's tavern for jennie's going away party.

linda's tavern prefunk at smith w/nick, jimmy, david

en route.
nick: "it definitely smells like poop." it was

jimmy no-wallet gets carded, can't come in; stef is glad dave and i come anyway

jennie is so excited she basically just screamed the entire time

i got drunk; chilled with hipster, mail carrier,
crazy russian guy(not pictured)--i don't know these guys

turpin & warmouth

cant really say how far into the night it was but at some point paul ordered a "MACncheese" from our waitress. I ordered one too, "and a beam, neat" cause i was thirsty. then i thought aloud

"man it would suck if they served macaroni and cheese here and they brought me some, ha ha"

and everyone was like "wtf?"

turns out that paul actually read the menu and then ordered macaroni noodles in cheese sauce when i thought (due to his inflection) that he was making some sort of joke about Mac and Jacks beer--which i, and everyone else i know, pronounces MACnjacks. i had to go to the waitress and politely explain that i accidentally ordered noodles to chase my bourbon with because i'm a big dummy.

made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go to bellingham with dave, nick, and jimmy. which means i didn't go home first and get my battery charger. which means my camera battery died while looking at pics on the ride up because i spent a good chunk of the evening drunkenly taking pics of people i dont know. which means it stayed dead until the next day when emily drove up to bellingham and brought my charger with her. which MEANS i didnt have a camera with which to take production stills of the jenni potts video shoot on saturday morning. which was too bad.

it also means i didnt have a functional camera with which to shoot pics of the david drori going away round robin whiffleball classic 2008. which is fine because although Party Saturday played our asses off and gave the Cheese Zombies a sound drubbing, we still lost against the Stinktown Warriors in the third round. gay.

whatever whatever, fast forward to david's poarty

man of the hour, david drori

basically it was rad. a hell of a rad party for a hell of a rad dude.

sometime later on karl took his clothes off and forced david to look at his spine.


Anonymous said...

Nick's quote is pretty priceless.

Katie said...

Stink Town Warriors rule!

carrie said...

nice .... crap, i forgot what i was gonna say was cool. oh yeah, the deviled eggs.

mant said...

the deviled eggs actually weren't that great. they used to be overly salty and now for some reason they put hella lemon juice in the yolks.

i still love the hell out of smith though and i hope one day they get the deviled eggs right.

jimmy jimmy said...

my friends are goddamn beautiful. i can't handle it.

SAKURA NYC said...

yummy set of images.

caitlin said...

i SWEAR i'd already commented but here it is again: that mail carrier is always at linda's. in uniform. that's all.