ok, i want to tell you about 2 things that are rad.

our first submission comes from youtube courtesy of pruane2forever. you may have seen this kid calling out 50 Cent for being a media whore in one of his vlogs, prefaced with the disclaimer "no haters, please!"

apparently he is working on a film project called "crossed paths" that is broken up into several parts. i actually wanted to blog about this last night, so great was my exitement, but for reasons i won't get into here i had to wait until now. without further ado, i am glad to present to you part one of what I hope is many parts to come:

i'm really excited for part 2: revenge of the fallen. pruane, if you're reading this, please: make haste.

also, the high point of my morning so far is the discovery of dinosaurs fucking robots. yeah, it's been a pretty slow morning. i expect big things from you as well, dinosaursfuckingrobots.com. don't let me down.

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david said...

i vote pruane shoot a film about dinosaurs fucking robots.