oh thanks

oh god.

thanksgiving was ridiculous--it was a 2 day food overload. some highlights:

i went over to tom's this year, where plans were in place to host 2 days of thanksgiving celebration. day 1 was for katie's dad's side of the family. because i fell asleep earlier in the day for about an hour between loads of laundry and then had to take the bus from the Beac to West Seattle after waiting for it to finish, I arrived and walked in the door late (while everyone was actually eating at the table). no one cared, because katie's family is awesome. bonus points: 1

tom made this ridiculous gravy with the turkey brine, peaches and brown sugar. oh, sounds gross? wrong. "ew, fruit in your gravy?" yeah, that's right, baby. i'm one of those people that automatically awards a combo multiplier to the king of all flavor interminglings, the sweet/savory one-two punch, and this one was an instant-kill finishing move. bonus points: 3, including the hat-tip to the fact that there were 2 kinds of meat to smother in this delicious ambrosia disguised as what mortals know as "gravy."

since the whole deal went down at a Wils' brother's house and both Wils bros happened to be in attendance--as well as a large group of people, natch--round 1 culminated in a session of rock band 2. bonus points: 2.

after the festivities ended i resumed the game of Fable 2 i had started the week prior. bonus points: 6, one for every hour of Fable i played before falling asleep on the couch. total points for day 1: 10.

day 2 was planned out for katie's mom's side of the family, and katie's brother's in-laws (tom was friends with katie's brother ben before he began dating her, which is why this was all going down at tom's). i began my preparations for this stressful day by waking up at 8 am and resuming my game of Fable right where i left off and played until family members started showing up; about 2 o' clock. since fable is only very slightly less fun to watch than it is to actually play, katie hung out on the couch with me the whole time and gave me tips from the strategy guide.

once the fam started showing up i migrated to the kitchen to help tom out with food prep (i have mad knife skills; i bet you didn't know). tom had been figuratively pulling his hair out about being able to replicate the gravy from the night prior but was ultimately able to pull it off. two kinds of stuffing were prepared as the vessel to facilitate the transfer from plate to mouth.

there was dinner (oof), there was pie (ouch). and then there was Scrabble, with 20 bucks on the line for the winner. i was pretty confident in my ability to trounce all oncomers as i'm pretty good at scrabble but tonight it was not to be. STORING right out of the gate (double word score and a 50 point bingo bonus) and J_BILAN[T] (J on a double letter plus a double word score plus a 50 point bingo bonus) were both kickass plays that were both, unfortunately, not made by me. I came in third place.

night 2 was capped off with wii bowling and wii golf, and after all family members went home, I watched katie play fable for 4 hours before falling asleep on the couch again.

i woke up at 8 again on day 3 (which turned out to be a leftover extravaganza of sorts) to play more Fable 2. katie and I played in shifts with tom supervising until about 10pm at which point we switched to Fred Claus (highly recommended). Then I went home.

probably the best thanksgiving i can remember having in years and years. there was that one family thanksgiving we had in a condo in carlsbad, california, but this topped that even though we had a deep-fried turkey that year.

many happy returns, master wayne.


stefanie p. warmouth said...

i feel like i was right there with ya. kudos to your thanksblogging.

david said...

i rly, rly want to play fable II