just now at work

names have been changed to protect the innocent
Allie Bron‎‎ [1:53 PM]:
what is the login and password?
Mant Jerkson [1:54 PM]:
[your domain password]
Allie Bron‎‎ [2:02 PM]:
and for the client?
Mant Jerkson [2:02 PM]:
external user will get an email with instructions on creating a password
once they create the password they can access the site
one of the two links i sent you will work for them, if not both
Allie Bron‎‎ [2:03 PM]:
who sends them the message?
Mant Jerkson‎‎ [2:03 PM]:
its autogenerated upon the creation of their customer profile.
‎Allie Bron‎‎ [2:04 PM]:
got it
Mant Jerkson‎‎ [2:05 PM]:
this information will cost you one baconator and a small frosty.
true story.
she even asked if i wanted to biggie-size to a large frosty.

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