Blue States Lose -- Don'ts and Don'ts

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kinda like Vice Magazine's Do's and Don'ts.

6) The Cobrasnake. Members Only photo #3318: Even though we did the whole tattoo thing a little while back, we just can’t help ourselves. You know, when a dude gets a tattoo of a teardrop under his eye, it means he has killed someone, and the tattoo serves as a painful reminder of the life he took. And when a girl gets some dopey high school poetry held up by purple winged horses tattooed on her chest, it means, uh…that she has a liberal arts degree and well-to-do parents?

bonus: Don't #6 from April 7 has me on her myspace top 8. i'm famous!


Anonymous said...

The picture of beauty!

mant said...

...stacy is that you?